Monday, September 5, 2011

The EASY Way To Make Cake Pops!!!!

Have you heard about the latest "Cake Pop" craze? It's a bite-sized round piece of cake on a stick and you can decorate them oh-so cute! I was going to make these for my daughter's birthday party this year, but then I realized it was a bit more work than I wanted. You have to bake a cake, crumble, add frosting, roll into balls, etc. So I didn't make them. I found these special cake pans that bake the cake into round bite-sized pieces.

Right now the Tasty Top Cake Pop pans are Buy One Get One Free!  Just Pour 'Em, Pop 'Em, Poke 'Em, and Party! Now You Can Bake and Decorate Like a Professional Pastry Chef. Check out the deal here.


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